À Vela Passeios

Address: Marina de Setúbal
2010 Setúbal

Telf: +351 966 178 529

Email: geral@avelapasseios.com

à vela
  • Sail
  • Nature
  • Relax

Enjoy a unforgettable trip in a sailing ship, be visited by the dolphins, dip and take all the pleasure that our Sado estuary gives us.

Who are we?

We are a company of tourists animation, which operates in the Sesimbra and Sado estuary.

It was created with the intention of doing exclusives trips with 2 until 7 persons so that you can enjoy all the natural beauty that Sado estuary gives us and the amazing view ,for instance, Convento da Arrábida, Portinho and Serra da Arrábida.
We also organize events for companys, with the intention of more interaction between colleagues.

The company is registed in the "Turismo de Portugal" under the RAANT number 1609/2016.